India discovers99.9%*Protectionagainst Dengue causing mosquitoes.

In the fight against Dengue, India can now be 99.9% safe

Come monsoon and dengue becomes a household name. It affects lacs every year and took the lives of 10,000 children last year.* Caused by female Aedes mosquito, our ignorance adds to its bite. For instance, 9 out of 10 mothers still aren’t aware that this mosquito is most active between 9am to 3pm.* Such a situation underscores the need for complete protection against mosquitoes. Whether inside our homes or outside. Protection that is scientifically proven and tested. Protection that ensures your and your family’s safety.

One Experiment. One Goal

To find a product that gives BEST protection against mosquitoes.

  • 00

    Most effective protection must undergo the most rigorous of tests.

    Conducted in a government accredited laboratory, the test intended to ascertain relative efficacy of various methods of protection from mosquitoes. The design was as follows-

  • 01

    Three volunteers were placed in 3 different Glass Chambers.

  • 02

    The 1st volunteer was provided with a coil, while the 2nd was provided with a liquid vaporiser.

  • 03

    The 3rd applied Odomos to exposed portions of his skin.

  • 04

    About 100 blood starved, lab bred Aedes mosquitoes were then released in each of the chambers.

  • 05

    Number of mosquitoes that landed and bit the volunteers were then cumulatively counted at every 5 min intervals, for up to 30 mins.

The results revealed what India always believed.

Odomos was found to give a mean total protection of 99.9% as compared to other conventional household products like coils and liquid vaporisers, which gave 64% protection and 66% protection, respectively.

  • *Under laboratory conditions, the subject who had applied Odomos, suffered ZERO mosquito bites. It was thus proven that Odomos offers the best protection against dengue mosquitoes.

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