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Odomos - Best Mosquito Repellent in India, Mosquito Control

Kids love outdoors and
mosquitoes shouldn’t come in the way.

Some of the best childhood memories happen outdoors. First friendships. First runs. First victories. It's blissful like only childhood can be. Till it's interrupted by the stinging menace called mosquitoes. They are everywhere. Hiding under the school desk, at the bus stop or in the playground. Threat of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria stops you from letting kids enjoy outdoors.But you need not put up with these fears. Give your kids complete protection of Odomos.
Outdoors or indoors. Day or night.

Up to 8# hours protection from mosquitoes

Odomos protects by masking distinctive odour of human skin and making a person virtually invisible to mosquitoes.

Safe* on skin

Odomos protects without being harsh on skin. It’s the only mosquito repellent endorsed by National
Integrated Medical Association.

Safe* for kids

Odomos protects children without exposing them to harmful chemicals. Being a repellent it is not
comprised of any deadly chemicals.


#Odomos cream has been tested under laboratory conditions at an application of 12mg/cm2

#Odomos cream gives 8 hours protection against mosquitoes.

*Certified by leading paediatricians as safe on skin for infants & children.